Welcome to Puremoco

We offer affordable camera motion control equipment for timelapse, video, panorama and astro photography. We are also able to design or adjust a custom build thats is fullfilling all your needs.


Direct support

When you contact us, you will have directly contact to the developer of all products.

 So your questions will be answered in detail and we will check your requirements.

lifetime updates

Our products are meant to be used for several years. This is why we will offer free software updates and adjustments for all products.

focus on customer demands

We are very open about customer requirements and suggestions. If possible, we will include your idea into our products.

Custom service

You were not able to find the suitable product for your desired project?

You are lucky, that you found us! We are offering custom project engineering. No matter if you need a specific mechanical setup, electronic control or software function. We will check your request and design or modify a product according your needs.


With the purchase of my first DSLR 10 years ago, I have started with photography. Ever since, I was looking for challenging objects to do photos of.

After discovering  "The Aurora"and "The Mountain"by TSO Photography, I was instantly stunned by timelapse photography. But without motion equipment, it is very hard to created amazing timelapse videos...

By searching for camera motion control equipment i was quickly disappointed by the available products. There were not fullfilling my needs and the prices are way too high if you do photography only as a hobby.

The only solution was to create equipment by myself. Always interested into building things, I accecpted the challenge and PureMoCo is the the result of this.

With an academic background in Systems Engineering (Mechatronics) it is very easy for me to combine the necessery disciplines of Mechanics, Electronics and Software and create whole motion systems.